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Services Offered by Electronic Tax Filing

  •  Consultation related to tax problems to all our existing and potential clients.

  • Guiding our clients for current and past year tax preparations.

  • We assist our clients with IRS audits.

  • Our team provides identity theft assistance.

  • We apply for the ITIN number of our clients by filing in their taxes.

  • Our team is also specialized in doing amended returns for current and past years.

  • We review the taxes of our clients prepared by other agencies.


Tax Consultation &

Electronic Tax Filing is dedicated to serving our clients by providing them with the best tax-related consultation. We are open for an entire year to assist the needs of all our customers. Consultations and quotes offered by our company are free of cost.


IRS Audit Assistance

Electronic Tax Filing is teamed up with the experts helping our clients to lower or even eliminate their tax returns by working with the IRS. We are here to help you with any tax-related issue including filing back taxes, auditing the tax returns, looking for an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), or simply having a query.

Filing for the first time

Filing taxes can be a complicated procedure. At  Electronic Tax Filing, our team will guide you through the entire tax filing procedure. No matter if you are filing the tax for the first time, have received a letter from IRS, or are concerned about your past or current tax returns, we’re here for you.

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